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Our Profile

KHK Diamond Tools is a pioneer in Diamond tools manufacturing in India. We belong to those who strongly believe in quality oriented services with an ambition to grow customer's satisfaction.

We specialize in the manufacture wide range of high-performing, precision engineered PCD (polycrystalline diamond) and PCBN (polycrystalline cubic boron nitride) to meet the most exacting demands of today's Woodworking, Automotive and Aerospace Airframe & Composite Material Machining Industries. In addition to our regular products, we are constantly engaged in designing and manufacturing custom tools according to customer's requirements. We also repair, replace or resharpen most types of used diamond and/or CBN tools.

KHK Diamond Tools expect recognition from satisfied customers and wish to play a major role in the area of Diamond Tool manufacturers. We respect and encourage teamwork, which is the spine of success.

We dedicate ourselves to researching, manufacturing and managing the superhard material and its products on the field of high technology and new material.

We, the KHK Diamond Tools, manufacture each product with utmost sincerity and care. Also, we believe it is as important to make sure the products functions to its full extent even after each sale. We feel it is our responsibility to correct and maintain the sold product as well. We promise there would be continuous enhancement in the quality of the product. Please keep in mind we take in regard each definitive idea and prepositions that could directly reflect on the final quality of the product.

We solemn promise that quality-oriented, keeping improvement, customers supreme and attach importance to honesty and truthfulness.

KHK Diamond Tools

Our Services

Our customer sevice policy not only include supplying Quality Tools but also technical advice on how you can improve your tool life and your machining process.

Our competent team and sophisticated infrastructure enables us to provide total satisfaction to our clients by manufacturing the tools in accordance to industry norms and standards.

Polycrystalline diamond inserts and cutting tools are rapidly replacing Carbide cutting tools in many non-ferrous machining applications. When properly applied, polycrystalline diamond cutting tools are extremely cost effective. As with any cutting tool material, care must be taken to insure that the correct polycrystalline diamond material is selected, and machining conditions are within recommended guidelines.