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PCD Reamers in KHK Diamond Tools

Product - Micro Boring Tools

PCD / PCBN for Boring and Micro Boring Tools

Image Features and Advantages
PCD/PCBN Micro Boring Tools
  1. The welding PCD/PCBN boring tools has good balance of performance and stability.
  2. The welding PCD/PCBN boring tools features good abrasive resistance and long service life.
  3. The PCD/PCBN boring tools can guarantee high processing precision.
  4. The boring tools has high work efficiency.
  5. The welding PCD/PCBN boring tools can be used repeatedly so that it can save your cost.
  6. We can manufacture the PCD/PCBN boring tools of various specifications according to the need of our customers.

Longer tool life, Increased productivity, Uniform surface finish, High removal rate, Reduced machine down time, Cost effective.